Please report if there are any malfunctions compared to previous UNi Xonar driver releases. Or maybe one set of drivers will handle both cards depending on default set in Windows sound output settings? Or have you subscribed to this comment thread? After that, the card is outputting 2 channels again. So the games does not work in 5. For Win XP it includes audio drivers. Win 10 at least on vers and older:

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Updated C-Media Panel with the one included in 1.

You would install the drivers only 1 time and those will be used by both cards. When I run the Windows for digital output and DTS in the preferences, the receiver switches to 5 channels only while the test is running. So you asus dx xonar use the Realtek card instead. But changing the settings for each card is problematic. David Kalbermatten 02 Oct Can you also keep the channels set to 6 and have the signal being down-mixed to stereo via analogue asus dx xonar.

For Xonar DSX only 2 channels will be displayed. Driver for previously supported cards.


Different drivers could work differently so if you encounter any issues try installing the other UNi Xonar versions. Includes updated ASIO 2. If it does not show up immediately, please be patient. Asus dx xonar on the quality of the DAC and op-amps in those speakers, the sound might be better or worse than from your sound card.

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And games do not switch to 5 channels. If you want to use the audio card for the sound processing you will need to use the analog jack connections. What should I do to the card give 5. asus dx xonar

New icon for UNi Xonar installer. Added warning message if installing the drivers would require Test Mode. Anyone who installed the previous 1. Seamless switching between Speakers and Headphones with Asus dx xonar Switch Playback device stays the same Great directional sound ass games.

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There is also a small chance that some things could break with future Windows updates. Hello, Is it possible to have two different Xonars i. CarvedInside 29 Sep Leave a Comment Cancel Your comment may be held for moderation.


Don’t know if it’s possible or if I will be able to enable this Is it asus dx xonar to have such feature as in Linux?

All the improvements and changes done to the UNi Xonar installer from 1. UNi Xonar W10 v1. Will try to see if I can come up with xnoar.

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Added option to apply addons at driver installation. Admin Author Featured Buried.

Or maybe one set of asux will handle both cards depending asus dx xonar default set in Windows sound output settings?

Includes updated driver installer and C-Media Panel. Standalone applications for changing settings or enhancing audio: Page updates and announcements: