A circus elephant with Charlie Banger’s Circus. Oliver Postgate Peter Firmin. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Retrieved from ” https: Find out more about page archiving. Mr Morgan is the fairground owner. As well as singing in the choir, he likes visiting the seaside, making tea from his boiler and spending time with his friends.

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The gruff but kind-hearted proprietor of the ivor the engine ivod, he is well-known for keeping pets, in particular budgerigars. Afterwards, the Antiquarian Society pitches in funds to help reheat their home using a half-crown operated gas meter.

He only appeared in the very first black and white series. Ivor tends to make friends with animals, such as Bluebell the Ivor the engine, and can actually call ivor the engine to him using his whistle. In fact, his mountain is full of gold, but as soon as he enfine it up, he puts it back again.

Ivor can only talk using his whistle and steam pressure, so Jones the Steam interprets for everyone just what he is trying to express.

Ivor The Engine

Even the Narrator agrees that things are not at all usual, even for Wales! Help – If you have any Ivor material, please mail me.

He gave Ivor some pipes from the steam organ on his roundabout, so that Ivor could sing in the choir. Firstly, there were his tunnels and viaducts ivor the engine help him navigate the valleys.


Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: There then followed two thirteen-episode series, also in black and white.

Forgot to Pay the Bill: Due to its brakes being as unreliable as its engine, it runs down a hill and falls into the lake soon after starting service, nearly killing Idris, whom it was carrying on a chestnut barrow.

Ifor Postgate died on 8 December in Broadstairs, Kent. The Juggernaut is a diesel railway lorry made out of bits, engie and flanged ivor the engine, which appears towards the end of the series. One winter episode, Ivor is enlisted to pull sledges sleds up ivor the engine hill, but derails because he tries pulling up too many children.

How he achieved this skill is never discussed, but probably has to do with the close bond between a steam engine and its driver. Since ivor the engine they have become friends.

He is asked to provide shelter for Alice the Elephant when ivor the engine has an injured foot, and, despite his initial reluctance, he more than rises to the occasion. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets CSS if you are able to do so.

Ivor the Engine – Wikipedia

When money goes decimal see Old British Moneythe Society declares the entine uneconomical and the dragons dangerous, leading to them arranging for heated cages in the National Museum. Thanks to Alan Bound for the game – I have scanned it in now! All Aboard with Ivor the engine An elephant keeper from India, who works for Charlie Banger’s Circus.

Ivor’s ‘voice’ was mostly sounded by a bassoon. Six story books were also published in the s, along ivor the engine an Ivor The Ivot annual in and several audio recordings.


RIP Oliver Postgate 1925-2008

Launched inNostalgia Central is an enormous online scrapbook providing a trip from the Rockin 50s via the Swinging ivor the engine, the Mirror-balled 70s and the Day-Glo 80s to the Grunge-filled 90s. His driver was Edwin Jones, known as Jones the Steam, who enjoyed fishing and daydreaming.

Porty is famous for her hats, which she has sent up from London. They thought ethnic minorities might be offended by him.

Smoke Hill gains a coin-operated gas meter to heat Idris the Dragon and his family, but, unfortunately, this is only a temporary solution, as half-crowns are becoming scarce due to the decimalization of British currency. Oliver Engune Peter Firmin. A rich and eccentric aristocratic lady who enjoys the engins glass of port and has new hats sent from London every week. Ivor was driven by Edwin Jones ivor the engine a. Ivor the engine the colour series was subsequently released on DVD, some of the episodes whose content linked, were edited together, with the relevant closing and opening titles and credits removed.