It works well on both, XP and Ubuntu 8. Bought one 6 months ago to work with my FVS Yeah its cheap, but no excuse. After installing firmware 3. Community Home Community Browser:

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Message 2 of 4. This is totally the opposite and would not connect to the netgear vpn 111. Cute looking, so 1 thumb. Used Netgear ADSL modems plenty of times in the past with great results so decided to stay with the brand.

I examined the failure modes carefully, including. It would seem that the sequence that causes the netgeaar hardware failure is: The time spent netgear vpn 111 with the Netgear support people who have no information about these devices is far too costly and frustrating. Dear god i’m not buying another one of these.

As another reviewer said it was just an expensive paper weight. Reviewed by Gary12 January I have no problems with netgear vpn 111 except the incredible amount of heat this thing generates so make sure you have it elevated with good airflow, I leave mine sitting on a house brick.

I have had netgear vpn 111 of nefgear and my second one has gone again today only four months after replacement of first. Spent hours on the phone to Netgear who are good but they could not resolve the issue. Cannot comment on the V2 variant as I do not have one. Why cant they make it a switch instead of this rubbish push button.


Oddly, Netgear vpn 111 realised it got worse when I used a more disatant proxy. This is a pretty basic requirement. I use this in conjunction with a linksys WRT54G wireless router, it’s the perfect companion for a router, the modem has passed over the public ip address to the router, and has let it handle all the neygear issues.

Browsing, I kept on getting the temporary problem of “page unavailable” being displayed when I followed netgear vpn 111 URL. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Set the modem up, which ran very hot.

Unlike the better DGG, netgear vpn 111 simple adsl ethernet modem will not work with Windows Vista, despite thinking that as its ethernet and there are no driver it should. Join Now Log In Help.

Had a config problem but that was due to my lack to skills! Have installed at least 10 of these modems all working for over a year without problems except one sticky power button.

Enable The Client-to-gateway Vpn – Netgear D User Manual [Page ]

Reviewed by Lawn Cut17 April There is obviously a problem with these DMP “modems” trying to act like a router instead of a modem like they’re supposed to be. Ive done loads of netgear firmware upgrades so have no idea why this one went wrong. Reviewed by Steve Hill08 April netgear vpn 111 This is a little strange, since the system compatibilty report prior to running the Windows 10 update stated that my system netgear vpn 111 OK. Expensive Paperweight from Netgear! The longest for me would be more or less about 7 hours.


I sent it back to Netgear, after the usual interminable phone calls to the support line. November 28th, 1.

WG111v3 – G54 Wireless USB Adapter

They get 3 stars from me only because they appear to work fine as stand-alone modems. This is so unspeakably dumb that I’m never going to buy Netgear again. Doesn’t support static IPs?