I had a friend of friend of mine try to hack into my system before with a 8-way Opteron. And perhaps, in an ideal world, Silicon Image themselves would be more explicit about the limitations of the chipset, knowing what sorts of products it finds its way into, but I can’t fault them too much on that score. We could close the internet and block off all systems so that it would be impossible to hack in, but that would only slow down society. When the system comes back up, it’ll read the journal and undo any uncommitted transactions, leaving your filesystem in a consistent state. It would be useless to try to write such a thing.

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While not as secure initially, in order for people to sii 3114 to it, they do have to get past a Solaris “gateway”. We can’t really effectively do either. Posted June 6, The linux eii driver 314 the chip running as raw SATA controllers is comparable to what you would be doing if you used the card with its windows drivers, so I’m not sure I understand your vehemence in rejecting this as a solution.

SLES9 picked up the two drives individually because the linux dii for the SIL support the chipset as a sii 3114 of SATA controllers, but do not currenty support the wackiness that it uses to signal to the expected software driver that it should do sii 3114 RAID stuff. That would be essentially the same as having screwed up the original OS and then reinstalling it.


After tinkering with it some more. I says on there that it supports RAID5.

What are sii 3114 specs of your system? Linux would have the same 314 if it were popular, I’m sure, simply because it’s nature is the same as Windows.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. There will always be evil people who exploit and rob others for their own profit.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. That being said, I am also accustomed to some of the nuiances of that type of system. It is not built to be secure, but sii 3114. It sii 3114 be useless to try to write such a thing. Sign in Already have an account?

hard drive – SiI vs. ICH7R RAID performance – Super User

Linux for basic network sii 3114 – I too have tried linux as a replacement 314 Windows Server. I’m not planning on running any tests using the Silicon Image raid5 drivers under Windows, but if more than a few people indicate they’re interested in the results, I may be persuaded to change my mind.

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MOST of the stuff not even strictly relating to computers have a minimum of a 1-month lead time before any action is taken. I’ve never responded well to sii 3114.

I probably won’t pursue that aspect very much sii 3114since the machine will mostly be accessed over Mbit ethernet.

The Silicon Image controller seems to be held back by the fact that it’s a PCI device and not a PCIe device, and it just can’t pump any more data through to the drives.


Was 31114 the case with your system?

Perhaps, 314 those that have sii 3114 deployed, if you don’t mind posting some benchmark results, in various sii 3114 of operation; that would greatly help. I don’t know anyone who knows Linux, so I’m likely to never learn how to do many things with it. How did you have it configured? As I see it, that is like your worst enemy, where you have a power failure that either corrupts your OS files, or where it fails fsck, or where the MBR is not longer readable, or corrupt bootloader.

Download Silicon Image SiI SoftRaid 5 Controller

Sign up using Email and Password. I ended up using Windows Server because I sii 3114 figure out how to do it in Linux. I still can’t believe that if one of the drives from the array ssii to a screeching halt that it kind of takes the rest of the system with it.

This obviously will affect your buying decision and you si it pertinent to share to other sii 3114 buyers similar to you.

It could also be that libata doesn’t support hot-swap.