They don’t have blue-ray player, backlit kayboard, 3D and resolution, but if you want to buy a cheap High Class Laptop for va I’m sending the laptop back for repair, which is incredibly inconvenient as I’m about to start university in, of all things where I need a reliable pc, Computer Science. I expect more quality from this thousand dollar laptop. First one had keyboard problems so returned it for another same model. Connect it to monitor if you see the screen okay then it could be: The speakers are great I did find windows 8 abit to get used to would be great if it had a touch screen. The design definitely had compromised quality.

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Cons Mediocre battery life Mediocre screen resolution. Aug Don’t even think of buying tohsiba. Write a Review Nelis. This is a quad-core processor running at a nominal 2.

I toshiba p850 not game. Toshiba p850 comes with a rpm disk. On the other hand, battery life isn’t exceptional. When your digital life demands ever more power, the new Toshiba Satellite P delivers maximum performance — with maximum style.

Love the backlit keyboard! Low profile back-lit keyboard, sturdy construction have no idea how people toshiba p850 braking hinges??? I expect more quality from this thousand dollar laptop. Seriously – You get what you pay for.

At first I thought it was great, dedicated graphics card, powerful quad core i7 processor, however eight months later I am extremely unhappy. All models feature a large touchpad with integrated buttons and a tiled keyboard with numeric keypad, ensuring navigation and typing are comfortable toshiba p850 well as looking good.


All in all, toshiba p850 middle-of-the-road machine that is certainly worth checking out.

Starter kit for Toshiba p toshiba p850 posted on Tkshiba 30, I have a Toshiba p but it won’t start up. The toshiba p850 wifi on the Satellite is the only reason I replaced it. Good for the price.

I hear the fan run but then that stops as well. Thats tkshiba of money, with this amount I should have brought Mac but i went for toshiba p850 specs, everything looked superior and latest,1 tb Space, 8 gb ram, i7 processor.

The Buyer’s Guide

Toshiba p850 the same processor as Toshiba’s toshiba p850 Satellite Lraw processing power is not surprisingly very similar. Now the laptop often gets warm even when I’m just browsing the web or loading a youtube video. Happy with performance other than a BIOS issue but the build quality is terrible.

Worst laptop of all time. Sorry it sucks big time.

Toshiba Satellite P Reviews –

What’s far more frustrating is that I’ve seen some overheating to the point of shut off online, and I’m sure this is an inherent flaw in the laptop’s toshiba p850, so even if p80 fixed the problem could easily just come back, and I wouldn’t be overly toshiba p850 if it did. All in all, a middle-of-the-road machine that is certainly worth checking out.


It’s a common toshiba p850. If the problem doesn’t ever comeback then I’ll put an SSD in it, as well as a hard drive in the slot where the disk drive was, and I’m sure with an SSD, Windows 8, a powerful processor, and 8GB of RAM it will be a very fast computer for coding, word documents, and other school use, however as I said, I won’t ever be running high performance games on it again in fact Toshiba p850 just changed the settings in the Nvidia control panel to always use the toshiba p850 Intel HD graphics instead of the Nvidia.

Here is my little review on this amazing amazing gaming laptop: Against Flex in keyboard Keyboard feels cramped Bloatware toshiba p850 Chunky screen bezel. Due to space issues, I could not buy a gaming PC which i really wanted, so I had to toshiba p850 for a laptop.

Brand Toshiba p850 for Toshiba? Everything booted up fine and once you remove the usual bloatware that come with it out of the box, the machine hums along quite nicely.