Bluetooth in my case is an option that is ghosted out, indicating it is not enabled. Please turn on Wireless Communications Switch located on side of main unit. Hi Xardas, Thanks for the response. The light indicates the wi-fi radio is on and does not indicate wi-fi activity. This progresses to five dots in the progress bar and pauses.

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Toshiba Satellite L750D laptop Bluetooth device drivers

To join the discussion, please login or register. The Atheros Filter Driver was the key to my toshiba satellite l750 bluetooth as it was toshjba on Toshiba’s support page for my model – I downloaded everything off there to have the latest versions etc without checking the notebook’s installed drivers first.

The document link in your post I can’t access without a username and password.

Toshiba satellite l750 bluetooth I satellute and started up the last notebook to prepare I took a quick look at other items in the Toshiba folder of the start menu. Goshiba, it’s been more than a few days and I need to report some findings here. Have you reinstalled as well with a copy of Windows that is not from a Toshiba recovery disc set? Why is this Atheros Bluetooth Filter Driver not on the Toshiba Support page for download like the rest of the notebook’s drivers and applications?

toshiba satellite l750 bluetooth

Toshiba Satellite L750 laptop Bluetooth device drivers

At this stage I am preparing these notebooks for deployment. If there is any doubt about your driver and its files, uninstall and then reinstall it. The Bluetooth toshiba satellite l750 bluetooth ghosted out i. Maybe the Antivirus you installed is causing the issue, or a USB driver is conflicting, or toshiba satellite l750 bluetooth essential software package was uninstalled Toshiba Value Added Package for exampleor you have installed a generic version of Windows and are missing some drivers.


Satellite LBT4N22 Support | Toshiba

Once installed this seems to have fixed my problems, regardless of BIOS version, Windows 7 edition or service pack level, and any other little toshiba satellite l750 bluetooth there was to the factory software installation. Why did the factory restore DVD fail to get Bluetooth working again? What questions remain to be answered are: Do you see that there is an option for enabling Bluetooth and if so what happens if you do this? Recovery was run from DVD images created from the notebook using Toshiba’s bundled software.

This certainly resolved my mysterious Bluetooth functionality issues. Ok, so thanks to all for their suggestions and advice. Did I have a faulty batch of notebooks satelite was something else going on here? Does it actually have Bluetooth?

This is no guarantee it actually has the hardware inside. After a minute or two I get a prompt that reads: The time now is A factory software restore I made the restore DVDs just in case indeed does return the system to its out-of-box state, minus Bluetooth functionality. Selecting it attempts to install the Bluetooth driver, which fails as mentioned above. Originally Posted by namkin Hey DanyL, In regards to the Bluetooth issue you are having.


Two of toshiba satellite l750 bluetooth notebooks now have v2. I have another L Notebook sitting next to me showing 4 Bluetooth toshiba satellite l750 bluetooth in the Bluetooth section of the device manager list.

Download Toshiba Satellite L Atheros Bluetooth Filter Driver Package for Windows 7 64 bit

Finally, did Wi-fi or Bluetooth work out toshiba satellite l750 bluetooth the box, i. Please turn on Wireless Communications Switch located on side of main unit. Just try and i assure you the bluetooth driver will be able to install then. Hold down the Zero key during power up and run Recovery.

After the application of the most recent Windows updates, the Bluetooth suddenly stopped working on the notebooks tosshiba hadn’t had the BIOS upgrade applied! Whilst Bluetooth is not critical for the environment to which I am deploying these notebooks, it is an annoyance that I would like to resolve.

I hope this is of toshiba satellite l750 bluetooth assistance. This progresses to five dots in the progress bar and pauses.