The sharp screen resolution and large fonts are a nod to folks with poor eyesight. Phone is used and in working condition. Since most cell phones and smartphones from this maker feature an Android operating system, you have a wide range of options for using your device. They have visible signs of use but have all beentested to ensure they work properly. These are the 10 best you can get right now.

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These were manufactured to be used in the USA. There is also no SIM card included. We stand behind our products, backing them with warranty. ix

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The Pantech Swift P is a small and compact slider phone that is stunningly stylish and eye-catching in purple color. Less than 4 in. Plus the original box. It’s snug on the ear as well. What are some styles of phones available from Pantech? Check out our recommendations. Pantech att slider cell phone Screen is scratched on right side Works good.


Skip to main pxntech. Phones generally have either one or two cameras depending on the version. what is pantech handset

Pantech Cell Phones Reviews

The main navigational circle and keys provide one-click access to Cingular’s Web browser, what is pantech handset list, calendar, a low-resolution digital camera, text messaging, instant messaging via AOL’s AIM, Yahoo or MSN, and downloaded content like video games and ringtones. They both feature a physical numeric keypad, D-pad, and menu buttons.

No international shipping, PayPal only. Pantech Pursuit 2 Slider Qwerty Cellphone.

It does not include its original box. Subscribe Top Phones on Every Carrier. We work hard to provide the best product for you.

It will not have a sim card, headphones or the original box What is pantech handset will have a generic charger.

what is pantech handset Operating System see all. They are being sold AS-IS. These phones come in three forms, each with a simple usage scheme. Search Most popular on msnbc. But in terms of sheer smallness, the options remain slim. The handset runs Android 4. Brand new in a Box!


Things to keep in mind. Has cracks on camera lens but still takes nice photos without noticing the cracks in the photos. Pantech smartphones what is pantech handset with LTE or 3G wireless connectivity, so you can browse the internet, send emails, and keep track of current events wherever you’re connected.

These cell phones have a radio frequency link and keypad or touchscreen, so you can make calls or send messages almost anywhere in the world.

Guaranteed 3 day delivery. Buying Format see all. Asegurece de elegir bien la razon correcta por lo que regresa el producto y la cantidad correcta. The Flex has multitouch input, what is pantech handset you to use more than one finger to navigate apps.