Edited by RyreInc Thursday, August 27, 4: Edited by RyreInc Thursday, August 27, 2: The first thing that I would do is check reginit. This is usually faster. And as this utility is not giving me what I do need I would like to modify that resolution through the OS or registry editing directly. Friday, August 28, 8: But even if I do a registry save from CECPv2, it reverts back to the default orientation after a reboot

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These can be two entries under the same key, in the same.

If, and you haven’t convinced me that it isn’t “if” your setting is in the OS, then wince display should be able to check that in the OS and if it is there it is available when the driver starts.

Browsing among cached pages wince display faster than returning to their Internet sites. See the topics below for information about the wimce in Windows Explorer on your device. Friday, August 28, 6: Notes Links will be disabled.

Windows CE Basics

I have been struggling and learning how to create a Windows Embedded 6. Remove From My Forums.


The first thing that I would do is check reginit. I even Binged for it first.

Windows Embedded Compact (WEC) 7: Remote Display device using Ethernet

As always thank wince display very much: There is a sample from CE 5 available at https: Web pages containing frames will not display or will display only the frame structure. Thursday, August wince display, 3: Another resource had a different instruction, as found here: However, the touch screen IS rotated. To change colors, select the arrow and select the one you want from the list. Note Options available depend wince display the program you are using. Basic colors Shows the basic colors available.

You will need to use a modem or an Ethernet card to connect to an Dissplay service provider ISP or network.

Thursday, August 27, 1: If unavailable, you are already viewing wince display colors.

Sure enough wince display are registry entries that conflict with the changes I am trying to make. It is apparently still referencing these files.

Search the file for your wince display name, or value, or wince display and see if it shows up more than one time. For more information on specialized printing functions, see individual program’s Help files on your device. This was included in the file before I laid hands on it. Friday, August 28, 1: Before you can view Web pages, you must set up a remote connection to your ISP or network.


EasyConnected – Screen Mirroring GPS com Win… | Windows Mobile Development and Hacking

dislpay After a while and lots of patience. There are many ways to rotate the wince display and based on your wince display, your driver may not do the rotation. Who knows it is possible that any CPian would have needed this before and that could help me.

A cookie file contains information about your identity wince display preferences so that a Web displayy can tailor information to your needs. This email is in use. Marked as answer by RyreInc Monday, August 31, 6: